A guide for surviving holidays with the family

A guide for surviving holidays with the family
Family gatherings can be fun. That is, unless your single relationship status is all your family wants to talk about, or you are bringing your new boyfriend/girlfriend home for the first time. The DateMig team has come up with a couple of tips to get you through the awkward questions so you can enjoy your holidays with the family.
Single for family holidaysParents are great, they love you selflessly and expect nothing in return…but they just can’t stop asking you those annoying questions. “Why haven’t you found a boyfriend/girlfriend?”, “Are you just being too picky?”, and the most irritating pronouncement of all “You’re not getting any younger”. Just thinking of these questions makes people want to skip family gatherings. However, there is a way to avoid these awkward conversations! You can take the honest approach and simply say that you haven’t found anyone you can see yourself with long term. Explain that you are not picky and there isn’t anything wrong with you, sometimes it just takes time for the right person to come along.

Or, you could straight up lie and say that there is someone but it’s a new relationship and you didn’t want to rush things by introducing them to your family. After the holidays are over, and you get asked more questions, just say that things didn’t work out, but you are hopeful about the future.

"Confidence is key in these situations. In most cases, people who tend to criticize others’ choices are unhappy with their own."

If someone in your family has a tendency to analyse (even critique) your choices, whether they be about your education, job, private life or your clothes, take a deep breath, and don’t lose your cool. Confidence is key in these situations. In most cases, people who tend to criticize others’ choices are unhappy with their own. So don’t pay attention to these comments, and keep you head high and cool!
Enjoy seeing your family and don’t worry about the little things…they will pass. One sure way of avoiding all these awkward conversations is to plan your trip. Don’t spend all your time in the house with aunts/uncles/cousins. Go into town, go for a walk or meet up with old friends. There is sure to be someone around who wants to go out and spend a few hours away from all those questions!

Meeting the familyIn a relationship, meeting each other’s family is a big step, and being invited to your partner’s home for the holidays is an even bigger step.

Introducing your boyfriend/girlfriend to the family is daunting, but things can be even more stressful if you are the one being introduced.

You should always bring a small present, a token of appreciation to your partner’s family for having you as a guest. You can always go with the classics – wine, flowers or dessert. If you’re going to be staying for a few days, a bigger present might be a good choice. If your partner has an idea for several presents, pick one and let that be your choice for a present. Don’t go too big and buy something extravagant and expensive…it’s the thought that counts.

The most common questions during family gatherings are, “When are you getting married?”, “Do you want babies?” or “When are you having kids?” Regardless of whether you have been dating for three months or three years these issues are private, and you don’t have to answer questions like these. But, if you do want to answer them, you should talk beforehand with your partner. You don’t want to make things even more awkward by coming out with completely different answers.

"Enjoy the holidays, have some nice food and a few drinks and stay positive."

If you are staying for a few days, bring a few different changes of clothing, from casual to formal. You never know what the family has planned, so it’s better to be prepared and have options.

If you want to make a good impression, offer to help with family chores whether it’s grocery shopping, cooking or doing dishes. Pay attention and listen to what people say. Also, understand that your partner’s family might have a particular way of doing things and they may not want another person disrupting this. Find an activity that you have a shared interest in, and suggest it.

You should also try to start conversations with other family members. It’s always better to try and be social, even if you fail, than to sit in the corner and not talk to anyone.

So, try and be yourself, and don’t let peoples’ questions get to you too much. Enjoy the holidays, have some nice food and a few drinks and stay positive.
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