Enjoy your singlehood during holidays

Enjoy your singlehood during holidays
It would appear that singles suffer from bigger fears than we originally thought. We are not talking about spiders, burglaries or your internet not working, we are talking about being single for the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Fastelavn or National day (insert for appropriate country), people just don’t want to be single. According to a study by Match.com , 48% of singles said their biggest concern was not having a partner for the holiday season.

We at AmorDating understand that it’s always better to have company in good times and in bad. But why not embrace your single status this holiday season? Learn to enjoy your own company and others will follow. The AmorDating team has made a list of reasons why it’s great to be single at holidays!
You don’t have to obsess about getting your partner the perfect giftHow much money should you spend on each other? What if you’ve only been together a short time? What if you’ve been together for too long and you have no more gift ideas left? These are just some of the questions we obsess about when it comes to Christmas or Valentine’s Day presents.

Being single spares you that awkward moment when you see that your partner has put on a fake smile in response to the not-so-great gift that you thought they would love. It’s even worse when you are buying Christmas presents for his/her side of the family…oh, the horror of picking the perfect present. This year, spend that money on yourself. You know exactly what you want!

You don’t have to pretend to like the gift your partner gave youSometimes your partner remembers an obscure thing you mentioned you wanted a billion years ago and gets you that. You don’t know what’s worse, the fact that he/she is so excited about it, or the fact that you now have to fake an Oscar-worthy smile so as not to hurt their feelings. As a single, you won’t have this problem.

The awkward sleeping arrangements at the parents’ houseWhether you are visiting for Easter, a birthday or Christmas, staying with the family over the holidays can be difficult. You can never relax as there are always relatives around that want to talk or do some activity.

"But, even if you do get to share a room, be advised of the golden rule: keep your hands to yourself!"

Also, if their/your parents are a bit stricter, you may not get to sleep in the same room as your boyfriend/girlfriend. But, even if you do get to share a room, be advised of the golden rule: keep your hands to yourself! Who knows how their/your parents might react if they barge into your room unannounced and catch you in the act. And those walls might not be as thick as you thought. It would make for an even more awkward family dinner!

More time to spend with familyIn a relationship, sometimes you have to alternate family visits, and that can be disappointing if you are looking forward to seeing your family. Although family can be annoying, they are still your family. So, enjoy those silly arguments and your parents nagging you about finding a partner, and embrace the sweet memories. Who knows what your future partner’s family will be like.

More time to spend with old friendsSometimes you get to see your old childhood friends only when visiting parents. If you have to drag your partner along, it might not turn out well. Or, what if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable sitting around with a bunch of people he/she doesn’t know? You won’t to be able to enjoy yourself or relive old memories with your friends. Being single allows you that, so embrace it!

No pressure to make everything specialFor Valentine’s Day particularly, people feel an enormous need to make everything special and perfect, and that can be tiresome. Too much hype about having the most romantic experience ever can lead to disappointment. Sometimes you don’t want to find the perfect dress, heals and makeup and go to a fancy dinner with candles and roses because the dress might not fit, the shoes will be uncomfortable (ladies you know those 10cm heals are not good for you!) and the restaurant might be too packed and you won’t be able to talk to your partner. Some days, holidays especially, people just want to relax, sit around in comfortable sweatpants, have takeout and watch TV. So treasure those single moments while you can!
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