First date ideas

First date ideas
Here’s the deal: you’re getting ready for your first date with your online match. Whether you have some idea about what to do on this date, or whether you are completely panicking about your lack of ideas, the AmorDating team is here to help you.

A good first date should allow you to have a conversation with your match whilst simultaneously not pressuring you to talk the entire time. Though you could always go with the traditional dinner and a movie, our suggestions are a little bit different and will give you some ideas for dates that combine room for conversation and fun distractions perfectly. Check them out!
BowlingIt’s an oldie but a goodie. Whether you are pros at bowling or have never tried it before, this idea is great for lots of reasons. It’s a low-stress environment so you and your date will be both relaxed and comfortable, which is very important when it comes to a first date.
Put on some bowling shoes and have fun!

BrunchAn alternative to a dinner date, brunch may just be perfect for you! A brunch date is more casual than a dinner date, which some people find very stressful. By having brunch, you still get to enjoy the benefits of a dinner date, but in a more fun and casual way. Also, brunch can last for as long or as short a time as you want it to, and it leaves you the rest of the day to plan other activities.

Going to a live showWhether it’s your favourite band, an up-and-comer, a play or even a stand-up comedy show, a live event is another one of our favourite first date ideas. Just make sure you know enough about your date’s tastes before choosing this option. If your date does not enjoy techno-music, maybe choose a different event. Also, you should always plan your activity so that you will have a chance to talk as well as to enjoy the show.

Aquarium/zooWe know this may sound like something kids would like to do, but aquariums/zoos are perfect places for a first date. You get to have conversations yet the wildlife is the perfect distraction for any potential awkward moments.

"A picnic is both for romantics and for outdoorsy people who enjoy nature. "

PicnicTaking the weather into account, meeting your date for a picnic is a great idea. You just have to pick a nice spot, get some food and enjoy your date. A picnic is both for romantics and for outdoorsy people who enjoy nature.

A cooking classThis idea has become extremely popular in recent years. It allows for conversation and for partners to get to know one another, all while being distracted by your task. After you finish, you can even have a nice meal together! Just make sure you know your date’s food preferences.

Go-kartingFor those adventurers who are young at heart, go-karting is the perfect option. Just try to think of anything more fun than racing around in a little car!
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