How to have a party with a fun twist

How to have a party with a fun twist
It’s party time! Sometimes you just want to spend some time with your friends enjoying yourselves. The AmorDating team is here to help you with some ideas for an interesting and cosy party, with a fun twist. Having a party with a theme is always better than hosting a regular get-together. Not only will your old friends enjoy a twist to your usual events, introducing something a bit different is a good idea if you are inviting new people along who you may not know you too well. Here are just a few of our top ideas.
Around the World themed partiesDifferent countries, food and customs can be great inspiration for a party. You should choose a country and find out what food, drinks and music originate from there and then try to incorporate these into your food and entertainment choices. Remember to also find some fun (and fitting) decorations that will help you set the party mood. You can find amazing decoration ideas online (in particular, see Pinterest for ideas). Our top two choices for an Around the World party are:

Mexican fiestaDrinks – margaritas, tequila.

Food – different dips, chips, salsa, tacos, enchiladas, Mexican beans.

You can also bring in a piñata to have fun with!

Oriental themed partiesThere are all sorts of amazing and delicious meals that are easy to make for these kinds of gatherings, regardless of whether they are small or larger events. Sushi is the traditional choice for a Japanese party, and sushi making can be a fun activity for your guests. Make sure you give your guests options regarding food choices, so include different kinds of meat or fish or vegetarian options.

Decade inspired partiesYou can never go wrong with these parties, especially if you and your guests enjoy dressing up. You should pick a decade that interests you and let it inspire your choices when party planning.

"You can also go with the hippie outfits and music of the 1960s to take you back to the era of Woodstock and free love."

The 1920s with their Flapper dresses for girls, and men in tuxedos with fedoras, are always fun. You can also go with the hippie outfits and music of the 1960s to take you back to the era of Woodstock and free love. Or, if you enjoyed the 1980s, don’t forget the crazy hair and neon coloured clothes!

Costumes are a must for these kinds of parties, but stick to simpler choices. For instance, an 18th century French costume party inspired by Marie Antoinette sounds like a great idea, but it may not be a practical option for people in terms of costumes. You want your guests to feel free and relaxed and to not be too worried about their costumes. Also, when choosing a theme, take into account how large your home is and how many people you want to invite!

Movie and TV show inspired partiesYou can take any movie or TV show and create a party around it. From the classic Breakfast at Tiffany's girly party to Game of Thrones or even Breaking Bad, as long as you are enthusiastic, the party will be a success!
A good idea would be to think of a game you can play at the party that goes with the theme.

Holiday and event partiesAny official or unofficial holiday or event is a great excuse to party. From the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the Oscars and Valentine’s Day to Halloween and St. Patrick’s day, you won’t be short of options!
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