Places you should visit

Places you should visit
Everyone loves to travel. Travel is about discovering new places, enjoying the food and music of a new city and soaking up the atmosphere or the sunshine. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a longer one, everyone needs to spend some time traveling. Here are the AmorDating team’s top three holiday spots which we’re sure you’ll enjoy.
ScotlandEveryone always goes to England and talks about how fabulous London is. How about discovering the amazing beauty Scotland has to offer? You can spend a long weekend in Edinburg, visit during the Hogmanay celebrations (Scotland’s traditional New Year’s Eve party) or have a look around Glasgow, Inverness or any of Scotland’s beautiful islands. Your choices are all great and you won’t regret it! Scotland is a land of variety and is ideal for both young and old, nature enthusiasts, history buffs and music fans. Some of the sights and places to visit are:

- The Edinburgh Festival – for three weeks in August, a vast selection of music, opera, theatre and dance is on show for visitors and locals.

- Along with its beautiful countryside, Scotland is also famous for the nightlife offered by its cities. Glasgow is Scotland’s largest and most vibrant city with a busy nightlife consisting of traditional pubs, trendy café bars and a range of nightclubs. Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland, is a university city with a flourishing youth scene and is known as the centre for live music in Scotland with live music of all types on offer.

- The best party in Scotland is the Scottish celebration of Hogmanay (or New Year’s Eve), a party that combines tradition with modern hedonism. From early on New Year’s Eve people take to the streets to celebrate. As the New Year approaches, the partying goes from great to crazy and there are traditional fireworks and a bonfire!

- You should also visit the Scottish countryside. There’s Loch Ness, the Scottish Highlands and any number of castles full of history and legends.

- While in Scotland you mustn’t miss out on trying traditional Scottish food and drinks. We are, of course, talking about the country’s numerous whisky distilleries and haggis. If you really want to give your arteries a work-out, go ahead and try a deep-fried Mars bar!

PortugalIf you want to visit a sunny, fun, beautiful and cultural city, Lisbon is the perfect choice for you. It has a great atmosphere, charm, beaches, cultural monuments, amazing food and vibrant nightlife.

- In the Bairro Alto district of Lisbon you will find more than 250 bars lining the streets. Make sure you stop and listen to some Fado music.

- Once known mostly for its love of dried cod (bacalhau), Lisbon now offers old coffee houses and taverns, as well as high-scale restaurants. Seafood is a must in Lisbon, as in the rest of Portugal.

- You have to try the famous custard tarts. You can either follow the smell of the delicious treat or the line of people making their way to Pasteis de Belem, a 170-year-old bakery that specialises in the Portuguese-style custard tarts that come with a caramelised top.

- Lisbon is the perfect place to enjoy the Atlantic air, sunbathe and hit the waves on numerous beaches.

- You should also visit Sintra. Less than one hour from Lisbon's main station, Sintra looks as though it came out of a fairy-tale. It has mountains, exotic gardens and palaces, and is perfect for a day trip.

BelgiumWhat’s better than Belgian beer and waffles? How about their chocolate or moules frites (mussels and fries)? Everything is delicious in Belgium. If Brussels is too popular or political for you, Bruges is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Only an hour from Brussels by train, the city is perfect for a weekend getaway.

- The architecture of the city of Bruges is breathtaking. Make sure you visit the Belfry of Bruges, a medieval bell tower in the centre of the city. It might be a bit difficult to climb to the top, but the view is worth the vertigo. Also, take a look at the 18th century windmills.

- Along with chocolate and waffles, which are a must in Bruges, seafood dishes and mussels should also be on your list.

- Bruges is best seen from the water, so make sure you take a boat tour. You will be able to enjoy the history of the city, the mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architectural styles, as well as its numerous low-lying bridges.
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