Funny dating stories

Funny dating stories
Are you nervous about your upcoming date, or do you just want to read some funny stories that will make you feel truly happy about being single? The AmorDating team has collected some of our favourite dating stories, both good and bad. Check them out for a good laugh!
The Huffington Post has a collection of funny online dating stories. You can read them all by following the link below:

Funny online dating stories

"Funny and terrible dating stories of readers from all around the world!"

It appears that guys are not the only ones who can be a bit weird on dates. AskMen Magazine has published a list of their absolute worst dating stories, which you have to laugh at. Check out their top 10 by clicking the link below:

AskMen worst dating stories

If you want a collection of short but incredibly funny stories, we have the perfect thing for you. Be warned, some stories go from funny to strange to simply unbelievable! Click the link below to read them:

Unbelievable dating stories

This website presents the funny and terrible dating stories of readers from all around the world:

Mixed dating stories

Marie Claire has the best collection of worst date stories ever. From the bad to the ugly and the uglier, you will have to read it to believe it:

Marie Claire

If you are in need of a funny video depicting both sides of dates, we’ve got the thing for you. This brilliant and funny video shows two dates as described from both the female and the male perspective…with hilarious results!

Both sexes stories
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